Consumers Scream For Healthy Ice Cream

Consumers Scream For Healthy Ice Cream

Ice cream has been a must-have for years in c-stores, but make sure you are adapting to demand.

Check out this great article from CS News.

“Although 90 percent of U.S. households purchase frozen desserts, and previous generations have enjoyed the themes of fun, indulgence and nostalgia, today’s consumers are increasingly considering health.”

“Consumers traditionally perceive ice cream as having questionable nutritional value due to its high fat and sugar content. However, marketers have addressed these concerns over the years by introducing numerous healthier frozen desserts, such as low-fat, fat-free and no-sugar-added formulations; dairy-free alternatives; and all-natural fruit sorbets and ices. These efforts will continue to reinvigorate the mature but still growing $26-billion market for ice cream and frozen desserts, according to a new report from Packaged Facts.” “… read the full article”:


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