Weigh-in with us for only $12.00!

Sapp Bros. offers certified scales at 15 of our travel centers for your convenience. We maintain all of our own scales and back them up with a quality guarantee.

Our scales are guaranteed to be accurate! Stop and weigh-in with Sapp Bros.

We guarantee our scales to be accurate. Should you incur an overweight fine from the state after our scale showed you at legal weight, we will immediately check our scale for accuracy.

If our scale is wrong, we will reimburse you for the fine. If our scale is accurate, we will provide a Sapp Bros. representative who will appear with the driver as a witness.

We now guarantee axle weights to be accurate as well as the gross weight.

Sapp Bros. Loyalty Card Holder?

We pay you 100 points for every new weigh-in! Visit our loyalty card page for infomation and other benefits of beig a loyalty card holder.

FREE Re-weighs!

We also offer re-weighs if required. Here are a few notes on the re-weigh:

  • Must be the same vehicle (tractor & trailer).
  • Re-weigh occurs at the same travel center as the original weigh.
  • Must be within 24 hours of the original weigh-in.
  • Customer must present the full price scale ticket from the first weigh-in at time of the re-weigh.

At this time, scales are not offered at our Ogallala, and Sidney travel centers.